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My Sunday's Savors:)

This post is ALL about my favorites. I woke up late today and looked outside as it poured. Personally, I love the rain. I love the feeling of warmth as you look outside at the cold. Also rain smells delicious...

 The "heavenly" soup

 Even Sadie wants some food. I guess its because one of my daughters won't feed her...:)
 My lovely model:)
Maybe its just me...... :) Today after church, we got in our snuggle clothes and ate a Sunday fav. Soup. Our family could eat soup every day and be content. We love white chili, vegetable stew and chicken tortilla soup. This time was the tortilla soup. It was de-lic-ious, if I can say so myself..hehe. Another Sunday tradition is baking. Today we baked snicker doodles. Yum.... As I washed the dishes, I looked outside and saw the puppy looking outside, smelling the rain. Thats another one of my favorites:)


Summer Times Week 1

 T and her friend N after graduation

I can't find the picture of A's graduation
Wow! School went by fast! I decided to do a post every week just on our family's adventures in summer. So the first week we had sooo much going on. Here are some highlights:

T and A's graduations:
My oldest and middle daughters both graduated( one from 8th and one from 5th)! I cannot believe that one will be in HIGH SCHOOL and the other in MIDDLE SCHOOL! A's graduation  was before T's so after T's promotion practice, my husband and her hightailed it over to A's school. A looked so cute and very put together but that came after many tantrums about hair, dress, shoes, etc:) After A's graduation we went to Esin with my parents. It was delicious and very enjoyable. T had a Showbiz practice right after and wasn't too happy with me. But she made it with enough time to get ready. She looked beautiful in  her dress and was one of a few modestly dressed girls:) It was very hot, however and sitting on bleachers didn't help. After the ceremony, she came up to me and said, "Mom, NO MORE {{insert creepy teacher's name here}}! WAHOO!" We all agreed to go to our favorite place to eat, El Nido and met up with some friends. It was so much fun and we only have 2 more years till the next one! Wahoo!!

Friday 6/10/11:

On Friday, G-ma took me and my daughters to SF to go see the Pulp Fashion. It is a museum full of Isabelle de Borchgrave's fashion made entirely out of paper. It was at the Legion of Honor which is a beautiful place. But we couldn't take pictures so here are ones from the internet. There were some of the most beautiful dresses ever! I really encourage people to go see it if it is still there.

 Even the jewelry and hair were made out of paper!



A Fairytale Wedding

Today, Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. Her dress blew me away. It was so stylish yet very classy. I am so happy for Prince William. He deserved a woman very much like his mother. The details in their wedding were incredible and I especially loved seeing all the different hatwear people wore. (Reminder: Later post on hats:)) Another highlight of mine was the gorgeous carriage. Congrats to you two!:))


Happy Birthday Little Miss Sadie

 Sadie eating her peanut butter on Christmas Eve. (Notice the bow. My girls touch. Thanks Kelli:))
 The first day we got Sadie. 6/20/10. Sunday, Father's Day 2010
 Big A holding Sadie after her first bath. I love those tiny ears:)
 Our mighty lion in search of food in our backyard!
 Christmas Card Picture
 Sadie playing with G-Man
 1st day we got her
 "C'mon Little A. Please let me roam around while your birthday party is going on!"
Her favorite place to hide. The hose. Classic Sadie always skating around danger. See those plants next to her. Yeah, those are poisonous to dogs.
My baby turned 1 today. My non-human baby to be exact! We have enjoyed this past year with our golden retriever puppy Sadie and hope to see many more. We love her and are so grateful for her in our lives. Not to be cliche or anything, but she has truly changed our family for the better. Happy Birthday little one:)

(read my other post about the puppers down below:))



Buck Horn Beaver

I don't know how we got the name but I think it came from my oldest nephew Jack. When someone has teeth that stick out or buck teeth, my girls call them buck horn beavers. So I decided to show the Aplanalp Hall of Buckers. (you should feel very lucky to see this:))



Spring Break Part 1

Oh what a crazy week we had leading up to Spring Break. We had Dance Tryouts for T, Piano for the A's, and of course.... Family Dinner. It was so nice to get a break from the hectic thing we call life. We drove to Utah on Friday with our cousin Natalie. The usually long and boring car ride wasn't all that long. Still it is hard with 4 girls and my husband:) We got to my hubbie's sister's house at 11:00. Her daughter was also staying there too so it was fun to have all the cousins there! We woke up the next morning and went to General Conference. We actually had a very big miracle come to us as it was starting. So my husband got us 5 tickets for our family, but little did we know, we also needed one for my niece. so he tried asking around but we couldn't get another one. For any of you who don't know what General Conference is, it is an annual meeting where we listen to our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, speak and listen also to his apostles. I always look forward to this because I always go away feeling spiritually fed and nourished. Anyway it was Little A's first time and we were so excited. We got to the conference center and still couldn't find a ticket for my hubby. T was so cute. She said, "I'll go outside and you guys can go." Ha. Yeah we are going to leave YOU outside:) We had kind of given up hope because we had seen so many signs asking for a spare ticket. So we part and go upstairs. All of a sudden, in the bathroom, we got a call from him saying he got a ticket!! Long story short, he overheard a lady saying how she has too many tickets and he jumped at the chance. We sat next to our friends the Reeds and enjoyed the many talks and jokes they cracked:) I love President Monson and his apostles. I am so grateful we ALL got that experience and I will never forget it!

On Sunday we went over to R's other sister's house and let me tell you she is an AMAZING COOK!!! We had some pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls. We played and talked. The kids played a fun spin- off of the TV show Amazing Race.

On Monday, we slept in and had breakfast at our favorite place Kneaders. If you haven't gone there, MAKE SURE you get there next time you go. It is such a cute place. Then we hit the shops. We went to Downeast and shopped there for a while. After we went to our home away from home, TJ Maxx. We shopped there and even ran into a good friend from our ward, Mary N!! We then parted from R's niece and his mom. We took Brandee's twins, J and E and headed to the mall. T lives and breathes the mall. She knew exactly where EVERYTHING was. We (again!!) headed to Downeast and shopped around while T went to her new favorite store Forever 21. The A's wanted to go find snuggleluv, a place where you can make your own bows. But of course in this economy, it was shut down.... Their little hearts were broken:( Since we couldn't find anything, we headed to my personal favorite, Busy Biddy. I got this very cute necklace and N got a necklace for her mom. Since shopping really wears you out, we went to our favorite pizza place, Pizza Factory. We shopped around some more after and then headed home.

But the night wasn't over. The Laws invited us to dinner with them at Cafe Rio. The Cafe Rio salad was amazing:P After a great night of ice cream at Maggie Moos and a late chat with M, we headed home with 2 of the Law girls in tow. G and C were so sweet! The kids watched a movie and then hit the pillows.

Tuesday morning, Me and M went to lunch and R and the girls went to a favorite, Kangaroo Zoo. It is a warehouse full of Jumpee Houses and food. They cater Pizza Factory too! But soon they left, eating at In 'n Out. We then went boutique shopping at the store where M works and said our goodbyes. It is always sad to see a friend leave. Our family tradition is to go to BYU and get sweatshirts and books. We actually saw a lot of students eating lunch and in class. It was kind of funny! However, what was not funny was how hot it was!! The bookstore was so hot, I thought I was going to faint!! We left with our sweatshirts and headed back. But, then I made R stop remembering that Nie Nie lived close to wear we were. My hubbie warned me that he didn't have a lot of time so we raced to find her house:) as we were leaving her street, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her!!! I saw NIE NIE! We waved to her and I felt so complete. I saw a famous blogger! she has such a sweet story and I totally admire her confidence and her motivation to move along with her life, no matter what struggles are in her way.

Well we left Wednesday and returned home. Although I would not move there any time soon, I love Utah. Thanks to everyone who helped us and cared for us! We love you!